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New Zealand and Australia Working Holiday Visa provide teenagers across the world a totally new way to explore
However, the quota for both of them are limited.
For example, New Zealand only release
600 quotas for Taiwanese each year
1150 quotas for Malaysian each year
100 quotas for Filipinos each year …
We have developed a set of software and here to provide the help for you to get the quota, with NO MISS.
Feel free to contact us: whvstore@gmail.com

[COVID-19] New Zealand visa related policy update

As New Zealand has moved to STAGE 2 recently, a lot of furture working holiday visa applicants and holders will be quite concerned about the visa policy now. I am[…]

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[COVID-19]19 Capped Working Holiday Scheme Suspended UNTIL further notice

Due to the COVID-19, INZ official announce that 19 capped working holiday schemes which scheduled to open within the next 6 months will be suspended until further notice. 由於疫情影響,紐西蘭移民局宣佈,19個有配額限制國家的workingholiday 暫停,開放時間等進一步通知[…]

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COVID-19 effect for Working Holiday Visa

The start of 2020 is quite bad, the covid-19 spread across the world. Nobody knows when this will end. And for us, what we care about is: How will COVID-19[…]

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目前疫情席捲全球,紐西蘭進入了 stage 4 對抗疫情,全境封鎖。 大家在保證自己安全的同時,比較關心的問題就是: 今年的打工度假配額還能如期發放嗎? 在如此不安定的2020,我還應該去搶這個配額嗎? 香港紐西蘭打工度假配額原定於4.4發放,上週他們修改了開放時間,改至了4.16。我們會繼續跟進這個情況。 不過從目前的情況,以及剛剛過去的墨西哥的發放情況看,如果台灣、香港在名額發放時候,診所可以正常開放,完成體檢,那估計就會正常發放配額。 因為本身拿到配額后,會預留一段時間的材料準備時間;然後遞交材料后,簽證官審理也需要時間;而簽證官審理完下簽后,一年內入境紐西蘭即可,那麼算一下,今年發放名額,明年年底前能入境都ok,所以只要台灣這邊可以正常準備材料,那麼名額應該會正常發放。 所以,今年的配額,按照目前的情況看,會正常發放。 那麼,應該去搶,去申請這個名額嗎? 這就要看你對你自己的人生的規劃了,因為拿到這個名額,也不是讓你立刻動身,明年疫情過去后動身即可。如果你對你人生有這麼一個去打工旅行的計劃,那麼不妨今年準備好,等陰霾散去,去中土呼吸下新鮮空氣。 如果你搖擺不定,或者有這樣或那樣的顧忌,那可以暫且把這個打算放在一邊,專注當下的生活。 總之,跟隨自己的內心,同時stay safe 我們會跟進相關情況,有消息第一時間更新。 如果您有任何申請相關問題需要咨詢,歡迎聯繫: email:whvstore@gmail.com line: whvstore WeChat: whvstore

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