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Philippine Working Holiday Visa: Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions for Philippine Working Holiday Visa 1. I am currently in my fifth (or third or fourth) year of study, will I meet the three-year tertiary requirement? – No. The Philippine Working Holiday Visa information page in the Immigration New Zealand (INZ) website clearly states that “You must have a tertiary qualification.” In other words…
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General Application Process for Malaysia-Australia Work and Holiday Visa

Every year, Australia provide 100 quotas for Work and Holiday Visa to Malaysia teenagers. It is hard to get as there is a limitation of quota. Only 100 teenagers can get the chance to be in Australia. Also, pretty a lot applicants are confused about how to apply it, how is the application process. Today,…
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Work and Holiday In New Zealand: Guide for Filipinos to get working holiday visa in 2019

Guide for Filipinos to get the working holiday visa to New Zealand If you’re 18-30 years old, dreaming of going to New Zealand for pleasure & work, and willing to do things to fulfill this dream Checkout this article! You can now apply for a New Zealand Work Holiday Visa . This visa will allow…
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How can Malaysian Apply for New Zealand Working Holiday visa Application Process Graph

New Zealand Working Holiday Visa for Malaysia will reopen on Jan 23 2019 A lot of guys not sure how to do it. We have a information mind map for you Check it, and any further information: http://www.whvstore.com/category/malaysia/ Contact us: whvstore@gmail.com

马来人如何申请去纽西兰打工度假 申请流程图

新一年的马来去纽西兰打工度假的签证会在2019年1月23日开放了,大家可能还都不太清楚,自己是不是可以申请这个签证去纽西兰,怎么申请呢,这里我们做了一个流程图给大家看一下。 大家还有其他不清楚的,可以查看我们网站相关文章链接:http://www.whvstore.com/category/malaysia/,或者直接咨询我们。 邮箱:whvstore@gmail.com


If you want to apply for New Zealand Working Holiday visa, I think you should read the article carefully. Today, some applicants have made some very stupid mistakes, and which cause them to say goodbye to New Zealand forever. Remember – when you practice the application process, never use your own real passport number –…
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How to apply for New Zealand Working Holiday Visa for Philippines

Some Useful Tips Make sure you are familiar the whole application process, if not, check the post: link – This is the base for you successful application 2. Prepare all the information you need during the application process – Passport Details – Credit Card Information – Ensure there is enough fund for the card, which…
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Steps After Online Application for Philippines Working Holiday Visa

After you finished your online application. You will receive 3 emails. – The first one is the most important one, it contains details about your online application – The second will include the instruction about the documents required and where to submit the materials. – The third email is the guide for health examination If…
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Online Application Process for Philippines Working Holiday Visa

Summary First you need to make sure you meet the application requirements. If you are not sure. Check here:Introduction Create an account via online application system link: Online System the link is fastest entry to the online application system. Login and Apply for the quota Click Working Holiday and choose Philippines Click Apply Now to…
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Introduction About Philippines Working Holiday Visa

What is it First, 2 official links to introduce the visa 1. Introduction Page 2. Requirement Page This visa helps young, educated people come to New Zealand. You can apply for this visa if you’re a citizen of the Republic of the Philippines and you have at least NZ $4,200 to live on during your…
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