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Visa fee will increase significantly from 2022.07.31 to 420NZD + 35NZD = 455NZD

Notification of visa fee increase Normally, starting from 1st July, we will see the visa fee increase. Last time visa fee increased from 208NZD to 280NZD, which is a reasonable increase. But this time, the change is quite large, it increases from 280NZD (245NZD + 35NZD tourist tax) to 455NZD (420NZD + 35NZD tourist tax)…
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2019 Malaysian How to Apply Work and Holiday to Australia

How to apply for Work and Holiday visa online for Malaysian? Check this.





[Latest Immi Version]Guides for Application of Malaysia Work and Holiday visa to Australia

Guides for Application of Malaysia Work and Holiday visa to Australia



[Breaking News] Malaysian to Australia Work and Holiday visa will open 2019.07.01

Acorrding to Australia Embassy in Malaysia website: Source The next round quota for Australia work and holiday visa will open on 2019.07.01, and the first round will release around 250 quotas. And also, they have raised the applicants limited from 100 to 1100. Australia Work and Holiday Visa(Subclass 462) will allow visa holders to stay in…
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General Application Process for Malaysia-Australia Work and Holiday Visa

Every year, Australia provide 100 quotas for Work and Holiday Visa to Malaysia teenagers. It is hard to get as there is a limitation of quota. Only 100 teenagers can get the chance to be in Australia. Also, pretty a lot applicants are confused about how to apply it, how is the application process. Today,…
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Malaysia Documents for Australia Work and Holiday Visa – How to get Certificate of Good Conduct

A lot of applicants ask about how to get the Certificate of Good Conduct for Malaysia => Australia work and holiday visa. Here is the offical guide for it.

如何对比 马来 去澳洲和纽西兰 的打工度假签证

大洋洲主要的两个国家:纽西兰和澳洲都对大马开放了working holiday visa,如何对比看待这两个签证呢? 纽西兰官方要求很简单,年龄符合要求,有大马护照就可以了。 但是做事也没那么厚道,只能在纽西兰呆六个月,但是每年有1150个名额 澳洲的work and holiday(462类别) 可以待的久一点,长达一年,不过要求会高一点,主要是三方面要求 年龄:18-31周岁之间 学历:Bachelor or at least 2 years university study 语言:IELTS 4.5 or equivalent 如果能满足澳洲的要求,那么很明显其实澳洲的性价比更高一点,不过名额也更难拿到一点。首推澳洲。 简单的讲,如果你符合澳洲要求,那么找我们来帮你拿澳洲名额,稳定能拿到,可以在澳洲待三年。 如果没法符合澳洲要求,那么只能选择新西兰。