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How to transfer your working holiday e-visa to your renewed passport

New Zealand has granted a new working holiday visa for the applicants who hold the visa but have not got the chance to enter NZ. So here is an interesting thing we need to resolve: Most of the applicants have their passports expired in the past two years After you renew your passport, how to…
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How to increase your chance to secure the slot for Working Holiday Visa to nearly 100%?

Opportunity is only for those who are prepared After around two years of pause, New Zealand working holiday restarted again on 2022.03.16. First is Malaysia, then the Philippines. More will come later this year. Malaysia has 1150 slots limit, and the Philippines is even worse with only 100 slots. So it will be very hard…
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[How to Enter NZ] Vaccine Passport for New Zealand

So a lot of us have just been granted the new replacement working holiday visa to enter New Zealand, and some of us are planning to grab one recently. Either way, we are on the track to enter New Zealand in the coming future. However, COVID not yet leave us alone, New Zealand still require…
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Replacement working holiday visa has been issued [2022.03.13]

For those who hold the working holiday visa, but due to COVID, not yet have a chance to enter New Zealand to activate the visa, now it is the good news. The replacement visa has just been issued to your immigration account. You will need to enter New Zealand within 6 months, and after you…
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[Reopening] Latest Update, Working Holiday visa is reopening [2022.03.12]

This morning, the New Zealand immigration website has published a new exciting notification: https://www.immigration.govt.nz/about-us/media-centre/news-notifications/working-holiday-schemes-reopening Main take away from it are two: The new working holiday visa will reopen with a specific date, will be listed below, and the link will be: https://www.immigration.govt.nz/about-us/covid-19/border-closures-and-exceptions/when-you-can-apply-for-a-working-holiday-visa The other update is about the working holiday visa holders who have not used the…
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[2022.03.13] New Zealand Working Holiday visa reopen approaching, FAQ answered here.

As you all know, New Zealand has already released the plan for the border arrangement. The most exciting news for us is: Working Holiday visa scheme will reopen on a rolling basis from 13th March. So what does this mean for us? Here are some frequent asked questions, we hope we can help to answer…
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13th March, 2022, Reopening of New Zealand Border and Reopening of Working Holiday Visa

After a long long two years waiting period, New Zealand finally release its plan to reopen to the whole world. More importantly, New Zealand working holiday visa schemes will be reopened for capped countries. According to the source link: https://www.immigration.govt.nz/about-us/covid-19/border-closures-and-exceptions/border-entry-requirements This is quite exciting news. According to the news, the whole reopen will be phased…
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Latest Update for New Zealand visa condition

Updated 2020.07.11 There is a new update from New Zealand immigration office recently for the visa holders in New Zealand: This notice is followed with another notice in April: if you hold a visa, you are in New Zealand, and your visa expired before 9 July, the visa expire date will be automatically extended to…
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[COVID-19] New Zealand visa related policy update

As New Zealand has moved to STAGE 2 recently, a lot of furture working holiday visa applicants and holders will be quite concerned about the visa policy now. I am sure you guys have a lot of questions to ask, let’s try to help you figure them out one by one. When will New Zealand…
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[COVID-19]19 Capped Working Holiday Scheme Suspended UNTIL further notice

Due to the COVID-19, INZ official announce that 19 capped working holiday schemes which scheduled to open within the next 6 months will be suspended until further notice. 由於疫情影響,紐西蘭移民局宣佈,19個有配額限制國家的workingholiday 暫停,開放時間等進一步通知   這其中包括:?????????????????????????????????????? 我们会一直跟进,有进一步消息第一时间通知。 We will keep updated   Stay safe, Stay home.