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Working Holiday Expert

Visa fee will increase significantly from 2022.07.31 to 420NZD + 35NZD = 455NZD

Notification of visa fee increase Normally, starting from 1st July, we will see the visa fee increase. Last time visa fee increased from 208NZD to 280NZD, which is a reasonable increase. But this time, the change is quite large, it increases from 280NZD (245NZD + 35NZD tourist tax) to 455NZD (420NZD + 35NZD tourist tax)…
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紐西蘭簽證費又又又漲價了 Working Holiday Visa fee increases Again!!!

紐西蘭打工度假簽證費漲至280NZD New Zealand Working Holiday Visa fee raised to 280NZD