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Working Holiday Expert

New Zealand and Australia Working Holiday Visa provide teenagers across the world a totally new way to explore.

However, the quota for both of them are limited. 
For example, New Zealand only release:
600 quotas for Taiwanese each year
1150 quotas for Malaysian each year
100 quotas for Filipinos each year …

We have developed a set of tools which can make sure we can get you the slot, without any miss, 100% hit.

And we are willing to help you guys if you have any questions or concern related to working holiday visa applications.

So if you have any questions, or interested in our service, feel free to contact us.

We are a professional and well experienced team, we already helped more than 1000 clients get their working holiday quotas until now.

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History Examples

Here is the link with the updated history record:

History successful cases

Mexico working holiday slots on 2020.03.19

All 2 clients got the slot, be 1/200

Philippine working holiday slots on 2020.02.11

Our 32 clients get the slots this morning.

Malaysia working holiday visa approval letter on 2020.01.30

One week after the release date 2020.01.23, the immgiration officer start to process the application for Malaysian.

Today, our clients start to get the approval letter.

And our client’s thanks to us:

Malaysia working holiday reopen on 2020.01.28

It is weird but luck for all of our 5 clients who are waiting for it to reopen.

We help them all secure the quota on 2020.01.28 morning, around 10:50am, Malaysia Time.

Two of them didn’t even have the form. which means they have not even seen the apply now button on 2020.01.23.

But we get the form, and fill all the information, and pay the visa fee for them in minute, lock it!


As new clients request to see the review from our clients, we will start to put some screenshots from our chat with the clients.

Malaysia Working Holiday 2020.01.23

All 53 clients get the quota

Chile Working Holiday Approval letter 2019.10.15


Chile Working Holiday 2019.10.10

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 5.30.12 am.png

Brazil Working Holiday 2019

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 6.15.07 amScreen Shot 2019-08-22 at 6.11.25 am

Vietnam Working Holiday 2019


台灣紐西蘭打工度假 2019


Hong Kong Working Holiday to New Zealand 2019


Philippines Working Holiday to New Zealand 2019


Malaysia Working Holiday to New Zealand 2019


台灣紐西蘭打工度假 2018(有候補,拿到候補11個)


Malaysia Working Holiday 2018





China Working Holiday to New Zealand 2017


Malaysia  New Zealand Working Holiday 2017


Our typical service process

The following graph shows the typical service process we are using.

Our service is to help people get the quota for the visa, not the visa itself. For example, Malaysia Working Holiday Visa to New Zealand has a limitation of 1150 quotas, it is very hard to get it, but we have the ability to get it without miss.  Malaysia Work and Holiday Visa to Australia has a limitation of 100 quotas, we also can secure it.

New Zealand Working Holiday Visa

For New Zealand working holiday quota, we charge 1000NZD for each quota, include the visa fee if there is one.

  • If you need our service and you are sure you meet the requirements, then send us the phone number and email address, we will generate a link to gather the basic information we need from you.
  • And after that, before the quota opens, you will need to pay us the visa to show that you are really want the quota.
  • When quota opens, we get it for you, and you pay the rest fee within the day, and we send you the account and password.
  • If we fails (just in case), we will fully refund you within the day.

Australia Work and Holiday Visa

Mainly for applicants from Malaysia and Vietnam. For Australia Work and Holiday visa quota, we charge 1000AUD for each quota, not include visa fee.

  • You send us the email and phone number, we generate the link to gather your information
  • We double check it with you before it opens.
  • Then we get it, and you pay us the fee, we give you the appointment letter.


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email: whvstore@gmail.com